While everyone tries to do better…

We do It Right #BluDoneRight

Blu & Blue brings to you premium denim, Redefined for kids.

We take pride in our 35 years heritage in manufacturing high quality denim clothing to introduce you to a far superior and safer (tested) product for your children. To meet excellence, every step of our design and manufacturing process, from start-to-finish, is conducted In-House.

Our access to premium fabrics from renowned mills along with our product design expertise, makes each Blu product a well-designed, mindfully-made, and contemporary product with quality you can feel.

We care about our Kids, our Craftsmanship, and our Heritage.

Each Blu product is thoughtfully designed, cut, stitched, ripped, repaired, and washed at our very own state-of-the-art environmentally friendly manufacturing and washing facility. Yes! We wash our own denim.

Made with you in mind – a quality conscious, fashion forward parent who values well designed, sustainable clothing for their children, each Blu product is quality checked and given the Blu seal of approval before it is packaged and shipped to you. Our mission is to do Denim Right #BluDoneRight


Our strength lies in our passion and commitment to deliver quality. For us, product quality is the single most important factor.

Our products are thoughtfully designed with attention to every detail to provide contemporary style, comfort, and safe garments for your kids. We produce each garment in-house, thus allowing us to control and closely monitor the design and manufacturing process from start to finish to ensure superior quality. Behind each of our products is our family heritage of experience in producing high quality garments for over 35 years.

Our Quality Assurance Department consists of Teams specifically trained to ensure bespoke quality during and post production. State-of-the-art technology and control techniques developed over the years have been one of the prime movers to our success. Products are shipped to customers only after final inspection from the Quality Assurance Department.

We hand-select our fabrics and use only the finest in imported cotton and other fabrics. We use fabrics from the best mills around the world including Italy, Japan, China, California, Turkey and Korea. Our fabrics are free of lead, phthalates, and flame-retardants.

We have developed a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly laundry unit, equipped to perform a variety of washes on denims. We use softeners and special washes and treatments to make our fabrics butter-soft for extra comfort and rich look and feel.

We also use “saliva friendly” fabrics for kids that are pre-washed for a safe and super soft garment.

Our thoughtful designs are meticulously translated to well-made clothes in our manufacturing.

We spread, cut patterns and sew our garments with a keen attention to detail. We are also committed to a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing approach.

All of the water used in pre-washing our garments heated by solar panels then recycled for later use.

We have the capacity to process and treat 300,000 liters of chemical water per day. And heat 75,000 liters of water everyday using our solar water heating plant.

Each of our fabrics is inspected for quality. We test our fabrics for comfort, shrinkage, color fastness, bleeding, durability, and quickly reject any defective materials.

We also wash each garment to pass tests for color bleeding to ensure long lasting color and texture.

Our clothes are finished with “wet processing” making clothes look better and feel super soft.

We conduct product safety tests on each garment. Every garment is tested for safety, strength, and durability.

  • Each garment goes through needle detector machines to detect any faults for complete safety of your kids clothing.
  • Every button used on each garments is passed through a 16 pounds pressure and 10 passes of thread for secure attachment and strength.
  • Every garment is tested for any lead contamination.
  • All buttons we use are Nickel free for well-being of your kids.