Meet the founder

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Aaina Jain Malik

Aaina Jain Malik grew up surrounded by fabrics, the art of cut & sew and fashion. Her family had been creating premium denim for more than 35 years so it was only natural that she pursued a career in fashion. “My passion for clothing and fascination for beautiful well made garments started when I was a child” said Aaina.  

After completing her high school education in India, Aaina came to the United States in 2002 to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications from Emerson College, Boston. With an underlying entrepreneurial spirit , she spent several years working for prestigious brands such as GAP Inc., Estee Lauder, La Mer, and Jo Malone London managing their North America markets.

During her experiences she found something was lacking in the children’s wear market, especially in denim and discovered that the top brands did not match the quality, style, and price that she could bring directly to customers with her  family’s +35 years of expertise in creating premium denim clothing for kids. Importantly, she felt there was a need to bring safe and tested while still fashionably comfortable clothes to families who want to dress up their children and not spend a fortune on it.

Aaina also discovered there is no way for parents to know the quality of the clothes, whether the fabrics are safe to use and if they are made with sustainable ways. These are all important factors when it comes  to children’s clothing. Lastly, social responsibility and sustainability were key factors she strived for in her business. Combining all these elements with her love for denim – a fabric symbolic for it’s timelessness and ease of wear, Aaina launched Blu & Blue in 2015.

Her mission for Blu & Blue, “Our goal is to redefine denim clothing with a sustainable consciousness and bring elevated denim styles at approachable prices directly to our customers.” is seen throughout the foundation of the brand.

About us

Blu & Blue brings to you premium denim, Redefined for kids.

We take pride in our 35 years heritage in manufacturing high quality denim clothing to introduce you to a far superior and safer (tested) product for your children. To meet excellence, every step of our design and manufacturing process, from start-to-finish, is conducted In-House.

Our access to premium fabrics from renowned mills along with our product design expertise, makes each Blu product a well-designed, mindfully-made, and contemporary product with quality you can feel.

We care about our kids, our Craftsmanship and our Heritage.

Each Blu product is thoughtfully designed, cut, stitched, ripped, repaired, and washed at our very own state-of-the-art environmentally friendly manufacturing and washing facility. Yes! We wash our own denim.

Made with you in mind – a quality conscious, fashion forward parent who values well designed, sustainable clothing for their children, each Blu product is quality checked and given the Blu seal of approval before it is packaged and shipped to you. Our mission is to do Denim Right #BluDoneRight

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